Children's Program:
Bumba Meu Boi
The Enchanted Ox: A Brazilian Folk Drama



Bumba meu Boi is a folk tradition celebrated in northeastern Brazil during the Festas Juninhas (June festivities), the winter festivities falling between the days of Santo Antonio, São João, and São Pedro on the Catholic calendar. Each year, this story of an enchanted ox is re-enacted by exuberant throngs of costumed dancers, set to music and songs composed especially for the occasion. Having originated in northeastern Brazil, between the Amazon and the arid catinga, where workers of African descent mingled with Indigenous persons and myths under a Portuguese and largely Catholic authority, the drama celebrates the heroic figure of the Indian in Brazilian history and highlights Brazil's multi-ethnic composition.


Program Detail

Craft project: Children build their own Bumba meu Boi costume hats
Instructions: 1. Cut hat form 2. Decorate by gluing sequins 3. Select 8 ribbons and staple 4 on each side 4. Staple hat to fit head. While these are set to dry...

Storytelling: The story of Bumba meu Boi (or “The Enchanted Ox”) is told/enacted using props.

Music: Participants listen carefully to recorded Bumba meu Boi music and learn to accompany the rhythm on the matracas (wood blocks) (I supply.)

Where appropriate, break for snack: A home-made regional specialty served during the traditional festas juninhas will be offered.

Dance and Music drama: Children are taught the basic dance step. Then, wearing their costume hats, children form a circle and keep the rhythm on their matracas, while individuals take turns performing in the center as the enchanted ox and the Indian pajé who has revived him.

PROGRAM FEE: Please inquire.