Children's Program:
Samba Reggae
Brazilian Carnaval Workshop



This hybrid genre was born out of the black pride movement of the 1970s in Salvador, Bahia. It represents an effort by Afro-Brazilians to develop a Carnaval parade music that they could call their own, and to form blocos with which they could parade. Samba-reggae is most famously associated with the bands Ilê Aiyê, Olodum and Timbalada.


Program Detail

Craft project: Painted and Beaded abadá (carnaval bloco shirt).

CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY: An age-appropriate introduction to the geography and social history of carnival and samba reggae.

DANCE: Participants learn the samba reggae dance style characteristic of Bahia.

OPTIONAL PERFORMANCE ACTIVITY: Family members and care-givers are welcome to observe and join our bloco in a Bahia-style carnaval dance performance during the last half hour of our final session.


PROGRAM FEE: Please inquire.